• Contract to handle sales of a commercial development or assist with company staff to sell to potential buyers.
  • Work with company staff on leasing commercial spaces if done in-house or assist in obtaining qualified rental agents to handle this duty.
  • If sales are handled by company sales people, visitation of sales teams and sites and report on findings. Make recommendations to management for improvement. Conduct sales training efforts and conduct sales meetings if requested.
  • Work with the sales management and marketing teams to determine the market profile and development of new product and research in comparable sales or leases.

New Project Development

  • Work with management to determine potential development areas and work with the land development team to investigate issues regarding selected sites.
  • Investigate regulations, permitting processes, fees, possible incentives and other items necessary for project approval.
  • Work with governmental entities to work out potential issues and resolve any issues that may come up.
  • Find and negotiate acquisitions, sales, options, and leases, of land.
  • MLS access and research on comparables. Prepare reports on the current market.


  • Represent or assist staff in representing the development to permitting and regulatory agencies and the public.
  • Assist in the product development for particular areas.
  • Coordinate and manage public hearings, openings and special events.
  • Handle media marketing efforts or work cooperatively with the marketing department to assist in these efforts.