Renewable Energy

Real Estate

  • Work with management to determine potential development areas and work with the land development team to investigate issues regarding selected sites; i.e transmission lines, issues with title and land rights, both fee and mineral.
  • Investigate regulations, permitting processes, fees, possible incentives and other items necessary for project approval.
  • Find and negotiate acquisitions, sales, options, and leases of land.
  • Conduct landman duties, assist with in-house landman or contract out to conduct title research. MLS access and research on-line for recorded documents and chain of title. Prepare reports on the current market and any title issues.

Community Relations and Outreach

  • Meet with local permitting agencies and government entities to determine issues and resolution of those issues early in the process of project development.
  • Work with staff to determine realistic timelines and pro-forma.
  • Represent the company to make presentations to permitting and regulatory agencies and the public.
  • Work politically to garner support for a proposed project and mitigate opposition.
  • Handle media marketing efforts or work cooperatively with the marketing department to assist in these efforts.